Friday, March 7, 2014

Adventures in Printmaking

Hi Mixed Media Mavens,

I am a printmaker first, and pretty much every other kind of artist second through infinity. Yes, I think whoever dies with the most art supplies wins, but whoever uses the most art supplies dies happiest. So this blog is to showcase stuff I make and art I do, to share processes and successes and failures. I will try to spice it up with simple projects for all levels, and techniques that any level artist can incorporate into their daily art practice. 

But first--- it's the rant of the day!!!
Notice the birds flying off this blog template? A pet peeve of mine is when an image goes from resonant to iconic to trite in no time, thanks to overuse. Bird silhouettes are tired. They are on tattoos, napkins, t-shirts and the dreaded "wall art"* from 
Home Goods.

They were cool. Now, use them with caution.

*bonus rant: wtf is "wall art"?! Let's all vow never to say that term again. If it's art, it can go wherever the hell it wants in my house.

(Random fact: I am doing the 40 bags in 40 days decluttering challenge on Facebook. Regular decluttering is important for all mixed media mavens, because you are all hoarders at heart. It will help you have room to work AND you will find great stuff to use in collages and assemblages. Bricolage, anyone?)

In the next few days, I promise you a cool decluttered art product, a new blog post AND a better design to this blog. I am learning, people. One step at a time.

Keep making stuff!

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